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The Tissue and Cell Engineering Society UK (TCES) has the aim of furthering knowledge, research and dissemination of information on cell and tissue engineering. 


The 20th Annual Meeting of the Tissue & Cell Engineering Society is being held virtually from Edinburgh Scotland. The ethos of providing a community event to researchers is a vital part of the TCES. Recent developments across this field are still pushing forward despite the large hurdles we all have had to face this past year.

This event showcases research across the world, with highlighted internationally recognised keynotes from the UK, Ireland, Belgium, and the USA, whilst we also have 30 selected abstracts whose authors will present their work across virtual podium productions in both standard presentations and turbo talks.

Furthermore, we have a vibrant poster section instituted to highlight the exceptional work being carried out, with a delivery approach that encourages lively discussion. Those included focus on recent developments in the fields of musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, clinically-driven challenges and developmental models, providing a exciting and enlightening environment for all.

Additionally we have a number of sponsor talks and conference booths, which showcase some of the novel approaches which underpin technologies and method for use in the regenerative medicine field and beyond.

This meeting is a platform on research being implemented to deliver novel approaches to regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, through to clinical and commercial translation.


To ensure an enjoyable Virtual Conference, the committee expects professional behaviour from all and for everyone to be supportive of others by encouraging and praising contributions. In the extremely unlikely event someone ignores common courtesy or displays any other anti-social behaviour, their access to the online portal will be revoked.

Tissue and Cell Engineering Society - Virtual Conference 2021

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